Friday, January 25, 2013

HOW TO | Date Night Locs Style for Men

This is for the fellas, that may need a style for this weekend. It's a really easy style that TB created and all you'll need is a hair tie. 

First, gather the locs into a ponytail and use a hair tie to pull 3/4 of the ponytail through the hair tie to create a loose bun. 

Next, gather 2-3 locs from either side of the bun and wrap them around the bun. 

Tuck the wrapped locs into the hair ties OR you can tie the locs together underneath the bun. 

You'll end up with a loose bun that looks secured by your locs instead of a hair tie. Optical Illusion, lol. 

This style is great for a date or to work to pull your locs off your face and also keep them neat. 

Have you tried this style of something similar? 
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