Saturday, January 26, 2013

Two Weeks Later... My Retwist Update

I can't believe it but I actually went a full two weeks (and even a few days over) in-between my last shampoo and retwist. I truly didn't think I'd make it because of the itching and dandruff, but I stayed strong. You can check out my latest update, in my Traditional Locs Vlog [HERE].

I wouldn't have made it the full two-weeks without my headwraps; I learned to get pretty creative with them. My favorite and go-to style this past week was the "Front Cinnabun Headwrap" and you can view the tutorial for this style on my YouTube channel [HERE].

I wore my hair in mostly headwraps because, if you follow my personal blog [HERE], you know I've been practicing Bikram Yoga and the steam/moisture during the class makes my locs swell and I tried to wrap them down to prevent them from untwisting. After two weeks of yoga and working out, my locs were quite frizzy and chunky as you can see in the before pictures below.

To my surprise, none of my locs completely unraveled and in fact have started to develop a matted center (Yay!!). It is really interesting to me how long my hair/locs are after an initial retwist and then how short they shrink during the in-between period.

For my retwist, I have pretty much stuck with the same products, except I added a new moisturizer by J.Pure which I mentioned in last week's "Wishlist Wednesday" [HERE]. I will be doing a full review on this moisturizer after my next retwist…which (hopefully) will be in two weeks!

Overall, I think the two-weeks between shampoo'ing and retwisting is really good and I am going to try and stick with this regimen for awhile. 


  1. Your hair is developing really well. They are going to be beautiful .


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