Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday | Moisturizer, Rollers & a Book

I usually am an impulsive buyer and as soon as I see a product or item that I want I immediately purchase it. There are a few problems with this (maybe for another post) but in the context of hair-related items it leads to becoming a product junky. To help avoid downward spiraling into a hoard of products, I would like to introduce "Wishlist Wednesday",  a series that'll feature items that I've recently discovered and would like to try....and maybe you can add to as well :) 

The first items on my wishlist include the J.Pure Natural Moisturizer  Strawllers Rollers, and "Naturally Healthy Hair" by Mary Jansen. Now, let me tell you why I've added these items to my wishlist...

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The first product that I have recently stumbled upon is the "J. Pure Natural Hair & Skin Moisturizer". 1AdornWifeMom on YouTube shared her amazing results using this moisturizer on her new locs, in her regimen video [HERE] and my interest was piqued because, contrary to popular belief, locs do need to be moisturized.

I hope to get a jar soon and if you're interested in purchasing a jar too, it is $ 14.99 and available at

The next product that I stumbled on is Strawllers and this was a really random find. I noticed the curls that Aevin (world's largest afro record holder) posted on her Instagram [HERE] and she mentioned she achieved them using the Strawllers. 

Aren't her curls gorgeous?! Well, after visiting the Strawllers website I learned that they are almost a hybrid between a Flexi-Rod and a Traditional Hard Roller, which to me sounds pretty amazing! I can't wait to order a few packs to use on my client's hair at the Salon and (once my locs mature) on myself! If you're interested in the Strawllers, visit their website at, the price ranges from $ 9 -12.95/pack. 

The last product on my wishlist is a book, "Naturally Healthy Hair" by Mary Beth Jansen. Now, I know many of you may be judging the book by its cover but I have seen this book in person and I found countless herbal recipes and regimens that I would like try on my locs. The book is only $12.45 on, so I will be purchasing a copy really soon! 

Have you tried any of the items on my wishlist? What items are on your hair-related wishlist so far? 


  1. excited to be featured on your blog!!!

    1. I'll be doing a full review after I've tried the product a few times! So far its going well! :)


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