Friday, February 1, 2013

Hair Diary | Headwraps & Turbans

"Queens, wear your crown proudly and keep your head high."

Lately, I've been sleeping in my stocking cap instead of my durag, for no reason other than laziness (don't judge me, lol), and pretty much every night it comes off. *Sigh* With that being said my locs are extra frizzy with another week to go before I retwist them. So how do I deal with the frizziness?

I'm glad you asked. I've become a huge fan of headwraps / turban styles; so of course I turned to YouTube. Yes, I was able to find some headwrap tutorials but a lot of them were of the same exact headwraps. So instead of recreating the styles exactly, I used them for inspiration.

This Nefertiti/Erykah Badu headwrap was one I've been wanting to try for awhile and I finally figured out how to make it big, despite my locs being tiny.

I made this headwrap creation pretty easily, just by trying different ways to wrap the fabric. Many of you have asked for a tutorials, so make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel [HERE] because I'll be posting it soon.

And of course you've seen my "FRONT CINNABUN HEADWRAP" tutorial [HERE] and a few have even sent me pictures of their results!

While headwraps are great and protective from the weather and HIMH syndrome you definitely want to make sure you're moisturizing your hair before you tuck it away. My favorite moisturizers right now are the OyinHandmade "Frank Juice" sealed with the J.Pure Hair Moisturizer.

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