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Under the NuGrowth | Angela

Angela is the Owner and Stylist at N Natural Hair Studio in Silver Spring, MD and she definitely has a passion for natural hair. I'm excited to share just a piece of her fun-loving story...and she's even included something special for you!

Photo Credit: Alex Elle

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Angela Walker. I'm the 24 year old Owner behind N Natural Hair Studio in Silver Spring, MD. I have a 2.5 year old friend who happens to be my son. He doesn't always like what I have to say but we often times work things out. I practice a vegan-ish diet; meaning I don't eat meat or dairy, but do enjoy fish from time to time. I've recently fallen in love with cooking vegan food and I'm getting quite good at it. My son's favorite dish is my Vegan Lentil Soup and I love my Gluten-free cinnamon and nutmeg pancakes. When I'm not experimenting in the kitchen and hanging with my son, I'm watching movies, running or reading.

It is my dream to live a relaxed life filled with joy and laughter, and leave behind a legacy of children who will do the same.

How long have you been natural? Did you transition or do the Big Chop?
I have been natural for almost seven years now. I made the decision to transition in Sept 2006 and despite my long transition I still choose a big chop on May 2007. Meaning, I cut off a lot of the hair I had grown out... Now that I look back on it, my transition was a waste of time, lol.

What's your current hair story? What are you looking forward to (in regards to your hair) in 2013?
The latter led me to my newest hair journey. As of January 2013, I have begun my loc journey. I always knew I wanted bigger locs and have chosen to grow "Organic Locs". I'm starting my locs with my regular outta control bush and allowing them to form themselves. I will start grooming them shortly, but the goal is to have huge long lioness locs like Valerie June and Ladene Clark.

Valerie June

What is your biggest challenge with your hair?
My hair and I have always gotten along. I guess before this new journey I've recently begun, my biggest challenge was detangling my hair every two weeks. It was quite repetitive and got boring after a while.

Have you experienced any criticism since being natural? If so, how did you handle it?
The only criticism I received, similar to many naturals, was from my family. They were very fond of my long-thick-straight-hair and thought cutting it was a sign that I was going insane. I was extremely offended in their lack of confidence in me being able to pull off the look. But at the end of the day, they've seen my hair grow and heard many hair admirers give me compliments in the street. The only one who has since turned natural is my mom (big ups Ma *waves*), but my bush has become such a part of my look I think my family can't imagine me without it nowadays. I'm excited to see what criticism I get once they realize I'm loc'ing my hair. (Insert sly grin)

What has been the best part of your natural hair journey?
The best part of my natural hair journey has been being able to work out and not worry about my hair. I use to run Cross-Country and Track and Field in high school and was always fussing about my hair. One day my Cross-Country coach and I got into a huge argument because I was refusing to run at one of our big meets. But he didn't get it. It was Sunday, it was raining and I had just gotten a relaxer the day before. Meaning I was in a black salon on a Saturday and my hair was worth more than the $80 spent. My hair was my time, my reputation, and at that time... My happiness.

So that was a long winded story just to say the best part for me has been not worrying about my hair. Before my recent loc journey, I detangled it every two weeks and left it alone in between. I can go running, swimming or do Bikram whenever I want regardless of when my hair was last done.

Tell us about your passion for Natural Hair Care? Where did it all begin?
My passion for natural hair care sparked my freshman year at University of Maryland, College Park. I took my first African American course and a found a new passion for black people as a whole and our history. I wholeheartedly believed wearing straight hair as a people was and still is us representing a Euro-Centered aesthetic. It has come to be my belief that we should represent an Afro-Centered aesthetic and that's what we do at N Natural Hair Studio.

What is your mission and philosophy for your clients?
At N Natural Hair Studio, it is our mission to help as many women go & stay natural as possible. We believe fabulous natural tresses start with a great natural hair professional paired with a working at-home hair regimen.

Anything else you'd like to share? 
Come visit us at N Natural Hair Studio and get $10 off your next service, just mention this article (Valid until 4/1/2013).

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Photo Credit: Alex Elle
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  1. Beautiful!...Her and her entire team have beautiful hair, stay fabulous ladies!


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    1. I concur! Thanks for checking out the post!

  3. For her to own her own salon at the age of 24 is major, awesome accomplishment!

    1. Yes it is! She is very inspirational! Thanks for checking out the feature!

  4. YAY!!!! The woman who saved my hair! I truly believe God lead me to you! YOU are a great human being and a joy and so much fun to be around! I look forward to your magic on my 'crown'!!!!
    WONDER WOMAN IS SO HAPPY! Hey you didn't know WW can sport a puff?!?! Ha! :D

    1. LOL!!! I'm glad you met Angela, she is definitely a Godsend! I also appreciate you checking out my blog! xo


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