Sunday, February 3, 2013

In the Stylist's Chair: Yarn Wraps

Last week's "Beauty & The Blog" feature, Jess of, told me she was going to Trinidad for Carnival and I immediately suggested she get locs...well not actual locs, but a loc'd look with "Yarn Wraps". This style is not only a great protective style, but it is really low maintenance, will last for several weeks, and a great way to change up your look (especially if you're thinking about locs). 

"Yarn Wraps" are achieved with, you guessed it, yarn and a whole lot of wrapping. The wrapping is the key. If you're going to attempt to do them yourself, brace yourself and your arms for a very tedious process. It took me about 5 hours to complete Jess' "Yarn Wraps", granted she got them almost down to her derrière...

The "Yarn Wraps" are fairly simple to do, all you need are braiding hair, yarn, and a lighter. Oh and some products to moisturize your hair. We chose to try out a few products that Jess had to moisturize  her hair and I thought they did a great job, but I'm sure she'll review them on her blog in more detail. 

To attached the yarn and begin the yarn wrap, you intersect several strands of yarn with braid hair.

Then, you attach the pieces to the hair, similar to a braid extension, except you leave a few strands of yarn out at the top. 

After braiding the hair enough to secure in place, about 2-3 inches, you begin using the exposed yarn to wrap the braid and the remaining loose hair until the desired length. 

Once you reach the length you're looking for, you simply tie a knot with the yarn, cut any excess, and use the lighter to singe the pieces together. 


Jess now looks like a Rasta Gal and is ready to party in Trinidad for Carnival! 

I love that she tried a few different styles with the "Yarn Wraps"... High Bun Beauty! 

If you're in the DC/Maryland area and want to get "Yarn Wraps" you can book an appointment online [HERE] or email me at 

Be sure to check out Jess's post [HERE] of her experience and more pictures!


  1. Fabulous job Joc! Jess looks beautiful.

    1. Thanks Haley! YES I totally agree, Jess is working it!

  2. I absolutely love this! I always try out imitation locs (I can't commit to the real thing.) Just died my hair green tho so I might have to wait a while. . Great idea tho!

    1. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try!

    -:very nice information, we are glad to read this news or post,

  4. This has to be the best way I've seen them done


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