Thursday, February 7, 2013

Is Having Natural Hair a Movement or a Trend?

I was moved to pose this question to you after reading an interview feature in Ebony on Jamyla Beenu, Mixtress / Creator of Oyin Handmade [HERE]. In the interview, she was asked "Why do you think it’s become such a movement for women to go back to their roots?" and her response was by far one of the best I've come across:
"There are a number of reasons in my opinion. I sense there is a definite self-love component to it, an emotional and psychological freedom that comes with embracing our hair as it grows from our scalps. Technology also plays a part in the current swell—through instructional videos, blogs, message boards, etc., women are able to share an unprecedented amount of information with each other. People finally feel like they have more options due to the scale of knowledge that exists."

I know this is a topic that is highly debated, but I wanted to share my personal views on the topic and I'm also really curious to hear your opinions as well. Check out the latest video in the NuGrowth Chat series and leave your comments, thoughts, opinions, and/or experiences on whether having natural hair is movement that'll stay or just a passing trend [HERE].
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