Sunday, February 10, 2013

In the Stylist's Chair: Curl Stretching Cream

Can you believe these Mini-Twists were done on wet hair?! Believe it! My client wanted her twists to show her length but she didn't want to use any heat, so I gave the Design Essentials "Curl Stretching Cream" a chance and the results were was amazing!

After shampooing, conditioning, and detangling her hair I sealed the moisture with Jane Carter Solutions "Nourish and Shine". I then parted the section of hair for the twists and applied the Oyin Handmade "Shine & Define" to enhance her curl pattern and also give her hair a little sheen; because you know our hair can look a little lackluster. Another reason I used the "Shine & Define" is because she has a really soft texture of hair and the "Shine & Define" is very lightweight, so it doesn't weight the hair down; whereas on a thicker hair texture I would have used the Oyin Handmade "Burnt Sugar Pomade".

Then, for each twist I applied a very small (not even dime size) amount of the Design Essentials "Curl Stretching Cream" and proceed to twists the hair. Let me tell you... immediately after finishing the twist, it was stretched I didn't have to wait for the hair to dry or anything; instant results! 

I think the "Shine & Define" and the "Curl Stretching Cream" were a great combination for achieving lightweight, stretched twists that will last for weeks! Keep in mind you only need a very small amount of the "Curl Stretching Cream" because a little goes a long way and too much will make the hair sticky and weighed down; after all the product is made to add weight. 

Have you tried the Design Essentials "Curl Stretching Cream", what are your thoughts? 


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