Thursday, February 14, 2013

How Do You Determine Good or Bad Hair Advice?

These days, as I browse the web, Twitter, Facebook and various other social media outlets, I'm finding a lot more "bad" hair care advice than "good" factual information.  Which I think is pretty sad and detrimental to the promotion of healthy hair. I specific post/article that I discuss in the video is one in which stated that raw chocolate was good for the hair and then a Blogger took this article and shared a post stating that you could use Chocolate Bars in your hair; which is false.  

In this week's "NuGrowth Chat" I'm really curious to hear how you determine what is "good" or "bad" hair care advice and whether the source you're getting the information from is entitled to recommend or give that advice. Check out the latest video [HERE] in the NuGrowth Chat series and leave your comments, thoughts, opinions, and/or experiences on philosophy for educating yourself on your hair.

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