Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hair Diary: Elegant Gala Hairstyles

TB and I were invited to a Holiday Gala this weekend and I immediately thought..."What am I going to do with my hair"? Honestly, I had a moment of panic thinking just wearing my TWA wouldn't be fancy enough... How silly of me right? Luckily, I was running a little behind and just decided to do a Wash-N-Go. 

After I washed and conditioned my hair, I shingled my hair with the CURLS "Cashmere Curl Jelly" and put some oil on over top. Then I created an angled part and combed my hair on the sides and added a clip.

I let my hair air dry with the clips and then took the clips out after about an hour and my hair dried with the part and slicked edges. 

I loved the way it dried and how classy it looked with my dress for the Gala. Then of course, I styled TB's locs. 

I created a Fishtail Braid and wrapped the locs at the nape of his neck so the rest of the locs flowed freely and you could see his length. 

We had a great night out at the Gala! 

How do you style your hair or locs for elegant events? 


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