Monday, December 17, 2012

My Loc'd Regimen at Two-Weeks

I have received quite a few questions about my regimen thus far with my new set of Traditional Locs, so I made a video to show you exactly what I'm using and how I use them on my locs.

The first product in my regimen is my "Anti-Itch Mist". I've been using this formula since my Sisterlocks and it drastically helps to relieve itching and it keeps my scalp clean. If you're interested in purchasing a bottle, it is available in the Shop [HERE]. 

I still use the same product to retwist that I used to start my locs, the CURLS Curl Control Paste. I really like the hold, smell, and water solubility.  I love that it is so lightweight, yet has a really great hold. 

I also use the Jane Carter Solutions Locking Spray. Which helps to set my locs, especially since my hair texture is so soft. The spray also has a really refreshing scent as well! 

I did have to repair the bottom row at the end of the first week because they were massaged out during my Massage appointment.

I am thinking about interlocking the bottom row if I continue to experience the locs coming undone due to friction, but we'll see... 

Overall, my locs are doing pretty well and I am happy with everything (excluding the hair color, lol)! 

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