Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life As a Hair Stylist Who Cares

As many of you know (or may not know), I quit my corporate job back in July and since then I have started an apprenticeship to obtain my Cosmetology License while also working as a Natural Hair Stylist & Loctician. So far, my experience has been amazing, beyond amazing honestly! I have been able to connect with so many beautiful women and even a few readers of my blog, which has been really cool to say the least!

Even though I am in the early stages of my career in Cosmetology, I see the need to reconnect the Salon/Hair Stylist to women with Natural Hair. I've heard so many women exclaim about bad experiences within a Salon and encountering Stylist that don't know how to or, dare I say, care to take of natural hair. I think that is ludicrous. Natural hair is beautiful, more versatile, and manageable with patience, at least in my opinion but I could go on about that topic forever. I really wanted to share a few hairstyles on natural hair that I've done lately...

This is a Flexi-Rod set that I did on her almost shoulder length curls. A Flexi-Rod set is a great low maintenance style for relaxed, natural and transitioning hair...all you do is wear a bonnet at night and go in the morning! 

This is a Braided Updo with Extenstions added for fullness. I had a lot of fun creating this style because she wanted a design as well as a full & high bun. Again this is a great low maintenance / protective style for natural hair that'll last a few weeks. 

This is a Flat Twist & Perm Rod Set on natural hair that is shoulder length hair. Her curls came out so soft & bouncy after this style! 

This was another fun Braided Updo style with Two-Strand Twist bangs. I recreated a style she showed me on her phone and added my own spin on it by creating a basketweave with the twists in the back. 

I wanted to share a few styles that I created to show you just how versatile and beautiful natural hair. You don't have to be restricted to two-strand twists and twist-outs all the time.

When was the last time you went to a Hair Salon? How was your experience? 


  1. Those styles look beautiful! Can I be
    I haven't been to a salon in over a year (since before my BC) but I did have good experiences with my last stylist. I'm actually wanting to get my hair flat ironed and trimmed to celebrate my one year of being natural. Good luck and continued success in your new endeavors!

    1. Thank you so much!! I'm glad the Salon has treated you good, but since you heaven't been in over a year....when was your last trim?! You're always welcome in my chair :)

  2. You do great work. Best wishes on your new career path :)

    1. Thank you so much! I truly appreciate it :)

  3. My last time at the salon was two weeks after my BC on August 17th. I wanted to get a color, and they did a great job color wise. When I told them that I didn't want any heat, and that she needed to untangle my hair with a large tooth comb she was confused. I won't be going back there for any services. I have been taking care of my hair at home!

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