Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Luv Your Mane Event in NYC

When I saw Taren Guy post that she was going to be hosting a natural hair event in NYC, I knew it was going to be big and that I had to go! Luckily my sis Alex loves New York and agreed to join me on the adventure.

Upon getting to NYC, we met up with another Naturalista and headed out to Hair Rules for the event. When we got there, the line to get in was literally around several blocks and it was freezing cold out. We barely made it into the event and when we did get in, like I expected, it was packed!

The room was packed with wall-to-wall beautiful tresses of natural hair and of course Taren was rockin' her super big 'fro!

We managed to find a seat and event snap a few pictures in the venue before it was too crowded to even move.

The highlight of the event for me was getting to meet with Chescaleigh aka Chescalocs…

Overall, the event was way too crowded and loud to really gain any valuable information about hair care. You can check out the Facebook album [HERE] for more pictures from the event. 

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