Sunday, December 2, 2012

Holiday Natural Hair Wishlist

On Thursday, posted their annual "Natural Hair Bloggers' Holiday Gift Guide" [HERE], and I was quite impressed with their selections!

With over 25 different bloggers offering recommendations there were items ranging from Books to Jewelry to Products and other Handmade creations. I scrolled through all the items and here are a few items that caught my eye... 

Dreads by Francesco Mastalia

This coffee table book seems like a great addition to have around and showcase the beauty of locs! 

Original Moxie Gift Set 

I would have loved to try this set because I've heard great things about this line but I don't think they'd get here before I establish my locs. I still may order the set to use in the Salon on my clients...

"Kinky" Necklace 

I love the uniqueness of this necklace and one of my latest obsessions is with wood. I think this would make a great gift! 


I've been wanting to try Curlformers since forever, but they're so least for my budget...still a great gift! 

Caruso Steam Rollers 

I haven't heard of these before, but they say after you set you hair on these it'll be done in 20 minutes! Sounds like a winner to me, lol. 

The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis

I would recommend this book to everyone! I already own a copy and it is an excellent reference for hair care, especially if you're doing your own hair at home. 

Oversized Shower Caps

This is great for ladies and men with long hair, especially locs, that won't fit into the normal shower cap. This is definitely some on my list to get someone for x-mas! 

Qredew Handheld Steamer

I actually just purchased one after I saw Alex of TheGoodHairBlog review on it. Also there was a 15% off coupon (NAPPTURALITE) since they were recently featured on the Nappturalite Radio show. 

Pieces of Mojo Hats / Scarves 

Also check out my online Fashion Boutique,, for handmade hats, scarves, hair bows & more! 

What other items are on your wishlist this year? 


  1. I saw this list also. The jewellery and shower caps would interest me the most. I don't really do showers, but the caps would be helpful for conditioning.

    On my wish list...for yet another year a hair steamer. I just can't seem to justify spending so much for a hair product.

    And if you're interested, I have reviews for both 'The Science of Black Hair' and the book 'Dreads' on my site.

    1. I know how you feel about spending so much on a Hair Steamer, but ultimately its worth it. I heard there was a crazy Black Friday sale at Huetiful, maybe try to catch one on eBay?

      And thanks for sharing about the reviews, I'll definitely check them out.


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