Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taking Out My Sisterlocks

I know I said I was going to keep my "natural headband" even through my traditional locs journey, but I couldn't deal with them any longer. At first, they were really cool because of the Loc Wrap [HERE] and, admittedly,  I wasn't totally ready to let them go. But as the weeks progressed I knew this day would come...So this morning, the day before my Traditional Loc journey, I took out my last two Sisterlocks. 

In total it took me about 15 minutes to get them both completely out. If you're interested in how I took them out, check out the video [HERE] of the process.


  1. great information. thanks for post.


  2. :O:O:O:O::O were have I been?

    Liking the rook and ear tunnel. Woohoo for you new journey


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